POLICIES and PROCEDURES by signing our registration form it means you have read and agree to the following:

Parent/Guardian Responsibility to be aware of dates, events, changes due to weather.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or adult student to be aware of academy activities such as rehearsals, recitals, shows, performances and dates that we are open and/or closed. Concordia will post notices on our Facebook families page as well as provide an annual calendar on our website.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility to regularly check the families page on Facebook, our website, and all incoming emails to ensure they are informed of our events or changes. It is also the responsibility of the parent/guardian/or adult student to inform the academy of any address, e-mail or telephone number change.  Concordia Arts Academy is a technology-based academy and our primary method of communication is via email for notices and receipts. It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that they are receiving and reading academy emails and updates on our pages/website.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility to READ their recital packets and follow those instructions for rehearsals, make up, pictures, hair, arrival times, video and tickets.  CONCORDIA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASE, COVID or OTHER.  

ENROLLMENT: Registration is a commitment for both Fall and Spring from Aug 9, 2022 (private music lessons) or Aug 15, 2022 (group classes) or upon registration through May 12, 2023. Enrollment fee is $25 due at registration. A 45-day written notice (via email) is required to discontinue private and/or group lessons or classes during that commitment period.  For music lessons you must email both the music instructor and the office. There is no discontinuing tuition for homeschool classes for the 10 month period. There are NO refunds for classes/fees/supply fees/recital/costume/dance-wear fees paid. Homeschool tuition will be paid for 10 months whether the student attends or not starting in July.  Do NOT ask our staff to refund for the above mentioned.

LESSONS: Private music students can choose from piano, bass, guitar, violin, voice, flute, mandolin, viola, clarinet or saxophone. Private dance students can choose from ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tumble/acro, modern, aerial silks or hip hop.  If a student is 15 minutes late or more to private lessons, the teacher is not required to stay and teach them. Dance students should always arrive early to stretch for privates, in dance attire.

GROUP classes: are available for ensemble/band, jazz band, musical theatre, art, all genres of dance, aerial silks and acro/tumble.

PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS: Music students need to practice at least 4 to 5 days per week for the student’s progress to excel. Suzuki students need to listen to their Suzuki songs at least 5 days per week and listen ahead in their songs. Let your teacher know if you need more practicing tips. Dance students are encouraged to stretch and practice their dances at home at least 5 days per week.

MAKE UP LESSONS: Missed private lessons will not be deducted from monthly tuition. There are no make up lessons. We have master classes for private music lessons instead on September 17th, October 29th and March 25th (times TBA). There are NO make-ups for group classes.

HOLIDAY & SNOW DAYS:  Check our Facebook families page and/or our instagram account to be updated on inclement weather closings.  There will be no make ups in group classes for snow days/inclement weather. Our yearly calendar is on our calendar page.  Please note we do not close on MLK Jr. Day or President’s Day, classes take place as usual on both days.

RECITALS & SHOWS: There will be at least 2 to 3 performance opportunities including showcases through-out the year. ALL students are encouraged to perform!  All dance/musical theatre families will be expected to purchase designated make up, shoes and tights when needed for shows and those are separate from costume fees.  Please refer to recital emails for all information. Students do not have to pay for pictures but must plan on attending picture day for group photos in dance and musical theatre.

MONTHLY TUITION: Tuition is pro-rated over a 10-month period and does not fluctuate based on how many weeks are in a month. Late tuition results in an automatic $15 late fee. Returned Checks result in an automatic $35 fee. Tuition is late after the 5th of each month. No exceptions. Tuition paid 6-10 days late results in a $25 late fee, 11-29 days late results in a $30 late fee, 30 days late results in a $40 late fee and late fees will continue to double in cost each month up to $90 until tuition is caught up.  If tuition is paid by check or cash and is late more than 2 months within a 10 month period, the customer must to switch to auto-pay immediately with a cc or debit card, no exceptions.  All homeschool classes must be on auto-pay or paid in full by July, no exceptions.  All homeschool tuitions are a 10 month commitment, no exceptions. Homeschool auto-pays go from July through April.  To pay in full it is due by the 1st of July and the 1st of January.  Any costume fees received after Feb 1st will be charged $89 per costume.

REFUNDS: No refunds on camps or intensives.  NO refunds for Costumes, Recital, Tickets, Registration Fees or Supply fees.  ALL costume fees are NON-refundable and due by Oct 1, 2022 unless you have multiple costumes (more than 3) on an auto-pay costume plan.  Auto-pay costume plan will start Sept 15 – Feb 15.  (Costumes are for Spring shows). No exceptions, please do not ask any member of our staff to refund you for Recital, Tickets, Supply Fees, Costume or Registration Fees!   If student cannot participate in performance, they will still receive a costume.  Please do not ask a member of our staff to refund for homeschool tuition as it is a 10 month commitment (see homeschool registration form), no exceptions.  Tights, Shoes and Make-Up are NON-Returnable, NON-Refundable and not included with costumes.  Supply fees and registration fees are NON-refundable.

SICKNESS:  DO NOT bring students into the building with fever or contagious disease, contagious skin fungus, or other contagious illnesses.  You will be asked to take your child immediately if they are ill and you bring them into the building. Concordia will not be held responsible for any sickness.

Care of Students:  Concordia Arts Academy is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents with students under the age of 5 are asked to remain nearby the academy during class (running errands is fine while your student is in class but please don’t go more than a few miles). Students age 11 or under are not to be left unattended at the academy before or after lessons or classes. Parents, legal guardians, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on academy property.  Parents or guardians will clean up after their own children if they vomit, have bloody noses, bleed or have potty accidents.

SUMMER: Music students will be billed for 6 private music lesson in the summer, if your student does more than 6 lessons, please notify the office. You can schedule these with your teacher directly. Students are encouraged to do camps and intensives or master classes through out the summer. Company dance students are required to do the minimum of 6 hours of ballet in addition to our summer dance intensive. Company members must take summer dance intensives.  Intensives and camps are non-refundable.  All dancers should take summer classes to keep up on flexibility, skills and agility.

CONDUCT: All students will be asked to act in a respectful manner toward each other and their teachers.  Students must clean up their trash and treat the property of Concordia in an appropriate manner. No peanuts are allowed in the building due to some extreme allergies by many of our students. If a student is overly disruptive they will be asked to sit out or leave at the teacher’s discretion.  If a student is disrespectful to any Concordia teacher, staff member or student, they may be asked to leave Concordia.  If a student shows or looks at inappropriateness on their electronics in our studio, their device will be taken away and given to the parent when the parent picks them up.  Students are not allowed to complain in class about other students or teachers.  Please talk to your child about talking to the teacher privately after class if they have an issue.

PARENT CONDUCT:  All parents will follow our policies and treat our staff members and volunteers with respect or they may be asked to leave.  If a problem should arise, parents may email the teacher and/or Creative Director to set a meeting outside of their normal class times.  Parents are not allowed to talk to teachers when they are teaching or in between classes unless a meeting time has been set. Parents are not allowed in our back student lobby, other than using it as a walk way back and forth to get to the bathroom facilities.  Parents are not allowed in group classes unless invited in by the teacher or the creative director for safety reasons.

DRESS CODE:  For art and homeschool:  Please wear shirts with sleeves (no tanks), longer shorts or pants.  Must wear tennis shoes or shoes covering the toes for homeschool classes. Proper dress (including hair style, dance shoes for certain dance genres) should be followed or student will be asked to sit out by the teacher. NO STREET shoes allowed on the dance floors.  Please ask our front desk for help with your dance uniform.

Concordia Arts Academy * Thompson’s Station DRESS CODE* NO mid-riffs, NO bootie shorts allowed*Wear cover-ups in and out of the building.

 Ballet Classes:  Girl’s hair must be in a bun.

Dance Classes/Aerial Silks/Musical Theatre/Tumble/Acro:  Hair must be pulled back in braids or ponytail(s)

Our 2022-23 Dress code/uniforms:

dress code 2022-23