Concordia Arts Academy Tuition

Group class pricing for evening classes in dance, art, aerial, musical theatre, tumble:

Minutes/hours listed are for WEEKLY classes, pricing listed is for MONTHLY tuition:

45 minutes weekly = $58.50 monthly

60 minutes weekly = $63.50 monthly

Combined Group Class Hours: including siblings

1.25-2h weekly = $105.50 monthly

2.25-3h weekly = $139.50 monthly

3.25-4h weekly = $162.50 monthly

4.25-5h weekly = $200.25 monthly

5.25-6h weekly = $228.50 monthly

6.25-7h weekly = $247.50 monthly

7.25-8h weekly = $276.50 monthly

Unlimited Group Classes per Family

1 student $279.50 monthly

2 siblings $339.50 monthly

3 siblings $419.50 monthly

4 siblings $475.50 monthly

Add $50 per month for each additional sibling for unlimited pricing. No limit on how many siblings.

Private Dance, Tumble or Aerial Instruction

30 minute lesson each = $33.50

45 minute lesson each = $49.50

60 minute lesson each = $65.00

Private Music Instruction Monthly Tuition

30 min. weekly lessons = $109.79 monthly

45 min. weekly lessons = $153.49 monthly

60 min. weekly lessons = $197.39monthly

*Private lesson students receive $3.50 off if registered for more than one class

**Homeschool pricing is separate, please refer to our homeschool page


$35 registration per year for first student, $25 per year for sibling registration

Costume/Show fees for musical theatre, dance, aerial silks and tumble:

  • December Ballet: $34 per student (includes tutu/show pieces that student keeps)
  • December Showcases: TBA
  • Art supply fee for art class: $78 per semester



$84 for first costume/show fees
$74 for each additional costume/show fees (includes siblings)
$79 for each company or tap team member/costume/show fees, an additional $69 if in both costume fees are pro-rated from September 15th – February 15th.

All costume charges will be charged on the 15th of every month until paid in full by February 15th. Costumes are for SPRING shows, students keep their SPRING show costumes. You may pay for your costumes ahead of time with cash or check.


Please inquire within our office for the dance uniform and costs for your student. *All students are required to wear class dance wear uniforms