Musical Theatre Classes

Theater at Concordia focuses on giving students the tools they need to be confident on any stage. Through classic dramatic literature, we teach a love for oral and dramatic interpretation and good performing skills.  We offer classes or private lessons in auditioning, character and script analysis, oral and dramatic interpretation, comedy, Shakespeare, stagecraft, and behind-the-scenes technical work. Schedules can be found here: https://www.concordiaartsacademy.com/schedule/

Musical Theatre combines the best aspects of acting, singing and dancing!  Each season, Concordia brings a classic show or new show to life.  Kate Butler, our Creative Director believes that singing, acting and dancing are equal on the stage in musical theatre and encourages her students to excel in all arts.  Kate has written or co-written and produced original productions such as:  A Twist on Oz, Alice In NYCRemembering Neverland and Comic Book Dream Series.  Kate’s creativity starts with a passion for students on stage and it shows in all of her productions.